A Jpop Christmas!


As much as I’m a fan of traditional English Christmas songs, I love to branch out every year to see what’s been done in my favourite music genres or other languages. If you’re after something heavier, for example, look no further than the Finnish Metal albums named Raskasta Joulua. But for this post here are my top 4 picks for having a Very Jpop Christmas this year!

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Unboxing: Turntable Kitchen


My partner subscribed to the monthly box Turntable Kitchen. Each month you are sent a box including an exclusive vinyl pressing, three recipe cards and a pantry item that is used in one or more of the recipes. It’s a great way to discover new music and vinyls as well as recipes that go great together! What you’re supposed to do is put on the music, make the dishes and have a wonderful night! This is the June box which is also known as TK045: Mid-Summer Feast with the vinyl EP Imposter by Harry Edwards.

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Skincare and Make Up Music


Sorry that I’ve been away for awhile! I moved house and started my last semester of uni at the same time. It’s a bit hectic and I still don’t have stable internet. I thought I’d just do an easy and fun post of songs that I think are great to listen to while you’re getting ready with make up or pampering yourself with skincare. I’ll say now that it’s all Asian pop… I do listen to other music, I really do, like metal covers of Swedish pop songs, but since I’ve been back from Japan I’m still on an Asian music kick. I’ve chosen one song each in Korean, Japanese and Cantonese so it’s a bit more wide spread. Enjoy and comment with any songs you’re loving right now!

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