Holiday Giving: The Smith Family

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The holiday season is usually full of buying presents, decorations, food and drink. Everyone deserves to treat themselves at the end of the year but it is also an excellent time to consider those less fortunate and give a little extra to those we don’t know. As an atheist I must admit I’m not entirely comfortable with giving to the usual charities as they tend to be religious based. Not that I’m saying religion is bad or that those who wish to give to those kinds are wrong. They still do good work and if you want to support them you should. But if you’re like me and looking for a good secular charity, in Australia, The Smith Family is an excellent choice.

The Smith Family is a group that helps disadvantaged kids get the most out of their education through all sorts of support programs so that they can make their own brighter future! Every year they run a Christmas Appeal and you can make one-off donations, monthly payments or sponsor a child. The minimum for a single donation is only $2. Even just $10 can go towards helping local Australian children believe in themselves!

You can donate from this page!

This isn’t a sponsored post or anything. It’s just a charity that I choose to donate to, something I’ve given a lot of thought about and believe they do excellent work! As someone who loves to learn and hopes to make their future in education/research I love what The Smith Family do!

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Beginner’s Drugstore Makeup Kit

Here is my Beginner’s Drugstore Makeup Kit that I think every beginner to makeup could buy to get a good start. I have to admit first off that I hate the term drugstore. In Australia it’s pharmacy but whatever. I will conform to Americcaaa. :P Let’s get on with it shall we?


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My Skin Was Oily and Now It’s Not!

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Since I was a teenager I was convinced I had an oily skin type. My T-zone would always be shiny and oily and I would buy everything accordingly: Matte primers, foundations, powders and setting sprays. It was all for combatting oil. That was until I started an Asian Beauty skincare routine. I’ll be talking about my Asian products and at the same time will suggest some Western pharmacy items that could work or just give you can idea of what to look for. What I found out from the multi-step, layering of moisture and hydration was that my skin wasn’t oily; it was dehydrated. As soon as I started giving it the nutrients it needed the oil dried up and now I have normal skin.

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Gothic Asian Beauty Products


One of the best things about Asian Beauty products is the packaging. There’s so many cute and wonderful products to buy with pink kitties, bananas and dinosaurs, but what about something for that spooky part in all of us? Or maybe you just need ideas for your gothic friends? I’ve compiled a few different products that appealed to the babybat of my youth and I’ll be honest, I still would really love. Some things are affordable, some more extravagant but all spooky and dark and magical~

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Tips For Moving House


My partner and I recently moved house all by ourselves. We moved from a smaller 2 storey townhouse to a larger one, though it’s more house-like really. Below are some of my tips for a stress-free moving experience. Of course, my advice is based on what I recently went through, and in Australia, but hopefully some of it can be translated elsewhere. Let’s get on with it…

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Clip-On Earrings (Japan Edition)


Here’s a random fact about me: I’ve had my ears pierced 3-4 times, in the same place on the earlobe, and yet I could never keep them going. Either I would take them out and they’d heal. Or they would never heal and be painful all the time. The latter being the most recent experience. So, I’ve given up. I’ve thrown in the towel. But that doesn’t mean I should need to live without earrings, right? That’s where my obsession with clip-ons begins. Now I don’t know about where you live but in Australia it’s almost impossible to buy clip-ons that aren’t made for little girls to play with. Surely I’m not the only woman alone in this?!

On my past trip to Tokyo I finally went through the earrings section in stores properly and I found them, the clip-on earrings! I believe they are popular in Japan because some girls can’t pierce their ears while in school? They come in young and more mature designs though so maybe it’s just not as rigid there, like here where, “every woman pierces their ears or doesn’t wear earrings, end of.” So, I went on a spending spree and thought I’d make a little post about some cool ones I got and where I got them! I’ve titled this with Japan Edition because maybe I can find others when I travel? I suppose I can do a better look around my city for Australia Edition but it will be depressing lol. Anyway, on with the earrings!

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Living Alone for 3 Months


Since January 10th my partner has been in Singapore doing a research internship. I couldn’t be more proud of and happy for him! He’s coming back this Sunday and I’m really excited. The only thing is we live by ourselves in a townhouse which meant spending the last 3 months alone for me. The first two months were during my summer holiday and the last month I’ve been back at university.

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Asian Beauty Gifts


It’s coming to be that time of year again! With over a month left to go it’s a great time to start ordering presents online. Since Asian Beauty products are pretty different to Western they make perfect special gifts for girls and women, though I have included a male item at the end too. All these items can be bought at that I have reviewed in the past. With Registered shipping and EMS you should get all your items in plenty of time! Of course, these products can be found on lots of other sites too, so shop around to what suits you best!


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