Review: Harvest Moon, The Tale of Two Towns

Lately I’ve been back into playing the Harvest Moon 3DS games. Basically, I am attempting to ignore my agony over the next one in the series, Story of Seasons, not even being announced for a European/Oceania release yet. If you’re confused about the new Harvest Moon: Lost Valley and Story of Seasons difference then I suggest you just google it. There’s tonnes of explanations out there. Basically Lost Valley is a completely new game not related to the original series except by English name. Anyway, this post is about The Tale of Two Towns! I would argue this game is the apex of the traditional Harvest Moon format. The game released after it was not called A New Beginning for nothing. ANB changes graphics style¬†and lets you build and rearrange the town and your farm, having different gameplay and controls. I love that game too, but that’s another post maybe. I apologise for my photos in advance, they’re just taken using my phone of the screen so it looks funky. But I wanted to use my own stuff than take random ones from online.

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My Sims Life


I remember going to the store with my Dad the week The Sims was released. I don’t think the store exists anymore! Both my Dad and I were fans of simulators like Sim City so it was a natural purchase. Don’t you just miss the big boxes and lengthy manuals that actually had interesting stuff in them? Gotta love old PC games. I admit that I was addicted to this game. Hell, I missed so much school because I wanted to play this instead that I got in trouble, woo! At one point I had my PC positioned so I could play it in bed and would play into the wee hours of the night. It helped that there was a budding internet community and lots of custom content to install. I also remember playing with my primary school best friend for ages, killing sims off in the pool, or with fire, or in 1 square rooms! Who didn’t do that though? Every house needed an extensive grave yard, so, it had to be done! Even though the newer versions of the game have gotten better in most aspects I don’t think the charm of the original game has ever been achieved. It is simplicity at its best even after a string of expansion packs.

Sims_NH 387825-800px_thesims

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Review: Mario Kart 8



Like most people in the world who own a Wii U, I recently bought Mario Kart 8. I got it in a bundle with a Wii U and it was basically my only reason for buying the console. Though my SO is looking forward to the new Bayonetta. I thought I’d take a crack at a small review of it. I’m not the game reviewer in our family but, why not? :P

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