Asian Beauty Sample-ooza!!


Welcome to the Asian Beauty Sample-ooza! Since I’ve been shopping with Jolse lately I have amassed a number of samples. They usually just sit around unused… until now! I decided to give them all a try! Continue below into this photo heavy post to read quick reviews on each one as well as a couple of BB cream swatches on pale skin! Brands include Missha, Etude House, innisfree, Tony Moly, Lioele, It’s Skin, Iope, Holika Holika and Hanyul! Let’s go!


Missha The First Treatment Essence: A lot of people swear by this product as a first step. It’s transparent liquid like water, no real smell and dries into the skin right away. It contains Fermented Yeast Extract which is said to provide superior smoothing, balancing and moisturising effects to improve skin tone and texture. I don’t think this is a product you’ll tell a lot from the sample expect if you have a sensitivity to it or not. Google it and you’ll find tonnes of proper, long-term reviews!
Missha Immortal Youth Skin Rebooter: I basically used this as a toner. It wasn’t thin like water but had a little bit of gel-ness to it. Clear, not really any smell. Smoothed on nicely and instantly dried into the skin! You’d need a lot of it to nicely cover the face though so I can see using the full bottle up fairly quickly. My skin definitely looked brighter and more even afterwards.
Missha Immortal Youth Serum: I did not expect this serum to be a thick creamy consistency but it is. Not as thick as a “cream” product but not a liquid like serums usually are. It had a fairly strong scent of perfume but it faded after a couple of seconds. Was thick to apply but sunk into the skin quickly and did not interfere with the cream I added on top after. The next day my skin felt much firmer and seemed brighter. It is just not like a normal serum to me. Maybe best used for dry skin or in winter. The sample packet has almost no product in it either.
Missha Immortal Youth Cream: This packet had almost no product in it, kind of ridiculous lol. White cream, slight lemon smell I think… pretty standard. Took awhile to really sink into the skin. I could feel it sitting on top so maybe better for more dry skin. It wasn’t tacky or sticky just… there to the touch. My face felt really soft and moisturised which was nice!


Etude House Sparkling Toc’s All In One Gel: As per the name, this is a clear gel with a faint citrus/cleaning fluid smell. It’s supposed to be used over 7 days and has sparkling water and lemon extract in it to enhance skin. I only had one sample though but it felt nice enough. My face did actually look a bit brighter and clearer. Didn’t take too long to dry and my skin felt smooth and soft afterwards! I just used this by itself as it says “All-in-One”.


Etude House Face Conditioning Cream Light: This cream was okay. It smells like floral soap and it stays for awhile. You notice it on your face when you breathe so if you don’t like scents, stay away! It was a white cream, fairly thick but watery at the same time. It smoothed onto the skin well and dried almost instantly. I don’t know how well this will work though. It’s hard to say in sample size. The smell makes me think it’s not worth it.


Hanyul Rice Essential Moisture Cream: This one is a thin white cream that’s almost gel like. If you’re sensitive to smells this one is pretty strong. It smells like old lady floral. It’s pretty boom in your face when you’re spreading it across your face too. It does not last though. You won’t notice it after a few minutes. It took about an hour to really sink into my skin but waking up the next day, wow, my skin was so soft and firm! Smoother than a baby’s butt. Not too heavy either so oily or normal skin can handle this one. Nice!
Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream: White cream, goes onto skin smoothly and dries almost instantly. No stickiness or heaviness on the skin! It definitely becomes watery as you move it around which is interesting and makes it lighter, so better for summer. It has a HUGE floral skincare-type scent though. Very strong! For that reason alone I wouldn’t recommend it. I could barely stand it on my arm let alone my face.


Holika Holika Good Cera Super Cream Original: Thick white cream. Smelled like those powder candies – like candy necklaces? It was nice! Took a little while to really sink into the skin. The effects were okay. It didn’t moisturise as much as it could.
Holika Holika Prime Youth Black Snail Repair Cream: White cream, rubs into the skin smoothly. It remains sticky for a little while and it has a strong scent. I know this product actually costs a lot so I don’t think it’s worth the price. It’s comparable to many other creams I’ve tested in this post. If you want snail, I prefer Mizon.


Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack: Careful if you get a sample packet because this just shoots out and onto your mirror haha. It’s a thin gel that is lightly blue coloured, like the packaging. It has a strong scent when putting it on, very aqua with a touch of sweet floral. It sweeps over the face really nicely – it’s really thin and sinks into the skin quickly! When I rinsed it off the next morning ********
Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream SPF25/PA++: This is a weird BB cream. It comes out white and then when you rub it in it becomes a “skin” colour. Yes I put that in quotation marks because the shade it becomes is very grey with almost a red tone to it? it felt really heavy and looked cakey with my swatch too. Also too dark for NW10.



Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack: Thick white cream. Smells just like candy bananas omg it was amazing. And the smell magnified as I rubbed it into my face! Since it’s a sleeping pack it never really sunk into the skin, so when I went to sleep it was still tacky. When I woke up though, wow, my face was so moisturised and soft! The softness stayed for 2 days too! I will be buying a big version of this.
Tony Moly Goat Milk Moisture Cream: White cream, no smell, goes on light and creamy. Dries super fast. Goat milk was an up and coming ingredient last year. Worth a try since it’s not too heavy and doesn’t leave any stickiness!
Tony Moly I’m Real Avocado Rich Cream: Much like the Goat Milk but heavier. It leaves a little residue and stickiness for awhile on the skin.


Tony Moly I’m Real Lemon Brightening Lotion: What can I say except I didn’t like this. At all. It smelt okay like citrus soda. Otherwise, it was a weird lotion. A thick white cream that felt so dry going over my face. It was drying and disappearing on the first swipe. It almost pulled with how dry it was. I can’t tell if there’s a brightening difference with one sample either. I just didn’t like using it anyway so if there are effects I’m not sure I want to use it enough to find out.
Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream: Thick white cream. Smelled like candy berries with a slight musky perfume. Sunk into the skin really fast leaving my hands smooth and soft. Not sure about the whitening effects but moisturises the hands well.


Iope Ultimate Hydro Cream: Thick semi-clear gel. Goes on so smoothly and feels very luxurious on the skin! Instantly makes the skin feel smoother and softer, leaving no tackiness or heaviness. Contains antioxidants for excellent hydration. Has no scent so should be perfect for sensitive, dehydrated skin! I’m considering getting this one!
Iope Super Vital Cream Bio Intensive: A thick beige cream. It smells like perfume but that disappears after 30 seconds or so on the face. Super thick and hydrating. Great for winter and dry skin. My face was really soft the day after! Yeah, good standard cream!
Iope Complete Anti-Aging Cream: A thick white cream. Smells like a mix between soap and sunscreen. It feels light going on the skin but it takes awhile to settle and you can slightly feel it on top of your face for quite awhile. It did provide good moisture though. Definitely recommended for older skin and perhaps a winter moisturiser.


It’s Skin Prestige Crème D’escargot BB Cream SPF25/PA++: Skin coloured when dispensed and while rubbing it in it becomes kind of watery. I never got it to settle or set into the skin. Just felt like wet paint sitting on top. Too dark for NW10 so I don’t know about this one.



innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream: Thick cream with not much fragrance. I used it as my last step and I think it’s too heavy for my skin. 10 minutes later and it was still tacky to the touch and I could feel it sitting on my skin. 2 hours later and it finally became dry and smooth. My face did appear to be brighter and hydrated the next day. This would be best for dry skin.

And there you have it for the first Sample-ooza! It was definitely a good way to get first impressions on a large number of products. But this post took for-everrr! It’s been a few months in the making really. I hope it was a little useful! I think there are some products I may buy full size now.

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