My First Lush Haul


Since moving house I finally have a bath tub of my own after years and years! Of course that called for lots of bath goodies! Sadly, it seems not a lot of places really sell stuff for baths anymore? It’s almost impossible to buy bubble bath liquids where I live. Even The Body Shop only has 1 or 2 and they smelt really bad to me haha. It seems Lush has cornered the market which is good and bad. Good because the bombs are really cool and bad because they’re expensive, all in the $6 range.

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Clip-On Earrings (Japan Edition)


Here’s a random fact about me: I’ve had my ears pierced 3-4 times, in the same place on the earlobe, and yet I could never keep them going. Either I would take them out and they’d heal. Or they would never heal and be painful all the time. The latter being the most recent experience. So, I’ve given up. I’ve thrown in the towel. But that doesn’t mean I should need to live without earrings, right? That’s where my obsession with clip-ons begins. Now I don’t know about where you live but in Australia it’s almost impossible to buy clip-ons that aren’t made for little girls to play with. Surely I’m not the only woman alone in this?!

On my past trip to Tokyo I finally went through the earrings section in stores properly and I found them, the clip-on earrings! I believe they are popular in Japan because some girls can’t pierce their ears while in school? They come in young and more mature designs though so maybe it’s just not as rigid there, like here where, “every woman pierces their ears or doesn’t wear earrings, end of.” So, I went on a spending spree and thought I’d make a little post about some cool ones I got and where I got them! I’ve titled this with Japan Edition because maybe I can find others when I travel? I suppose I can do a better look around my city for Australia Edition but it will be depressing lol. Anyway, on with the earrings!

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Etude House Singapore Haul


I just came back from a week trip in Singapore to visit my partner who is doing research there. Of course, I took advantage of all the Asian beauty shopping while I was visiting! Amongst my Watsons, Innisfree, Tony Moly and The Face Shop adventures, my biggest spend was at Etude House. They had a few promotions going for Chinese New Year so I got a tonne of freebies. The Etude House that I bought my little haul from was in 313@somerset, at the MRT stop Somerset. I definitely recommend this mall since it also has a great Korean chicken place that just opened haha. ;)

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Tokyo Christmas Haul


Since I just came home from a 2 week holiday the giant beauty haul post had to be done! I’m just sharing some pictures and information about the beauty items that I bought in various places across Tokyo! I will try my best to give the name, description and, if I can remember, a store location of where I bought each item! With this haul I just went all out with skin care, body care and hair care! I think I have enough make up as it is so I didn’t buy as much of that as I could have. Anywho, onwards to the products!! I plan to do more in depth reviews for some of the products, such as a Battle of the Cleansing Oils! But if there’s anything you’d especially like to see then feel free to comment a request!

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Gearing up for Summer!


It’s basically summer where I live in Australia now. Luckily, my order of summer goods came in today! They were useful after my walk to the post office and back as well! :P I’ll just straight out say it: I hate summer. Sunshine makes me depressed and being hot makes me grumpy! But I do love flowers and looking at the beach from afar. Etude House brought out a bunch of fun summer products in June/July and since it’s finally getting sunny here I treated myself to some things. I bought my haul from f2plus1 on ebay which I’ve used a few times now and their service is excellent! I always get good samples which makes me happy. ;) Anyway, on with the items and proper review type stuff! :O Warning ahead for my unhappy face…

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Recent Purchases and Extra Things!


Hello everyone! I apologise for taking so long between posts recently. University is going well but keeping me busy. Let’s not talk about Sims 4 either because it’s taking over my life at a bad time haha. I’m currently on a no-buy September and it’s going really well! The items I want to share today I had bought at the end of August and they arrived this month, so that made the start of my no-buy easier. ;) This is just some mini reviews and then some things about my bathroom set up and recent local buys! I found a Daiso/Japanese Beauty store in my city and it’s lovely! I will make a separate post about that store later but I thought I’d share a little of what I bought already.

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Tokyo Beauty Haul


I went to Tokyo in January/February. It was two trips with a month in London between. This is what I bought during both times. As you can see, I forgot which Majolica Majorca mascara (gold tubes) I bought the first time around and got the same one twice haha! The right bottom corner are all the samples I got from Etude House and Tony Moly. :D All my photos around this lot are a little jumbled and randomly done so if there’s something above you want to know more about, and it’s not pictured below, let me know and I’ll do an extra post!

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