Killstar T-Shirts and Sweatshirts


Being a lover of graphic shirts and sweaters, and looking for something more spooky lately Killstar is an interesting store I stumbled across.  I’m going to be honest in that I find the majority of their designs kind of tacky and not really my thing. But I did find some cool stuff in their current sale… it’s probably still considered all tacky but alas! I’ve bought a shirt from here before in a ladies cut, with a kitty and it says Black Magic, but the ones I bought this time were men’s cuts with overall patterns. Since I will be talking about fit I will say that I’m 18/20 (AUS/UK) in tops and 5’9″ in height. Let’s see the gothy coolness lol. tiny1

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Review: Soufeel Charm Bracelet


I recently received a starting bracelet and 3 charms from Soufeel who are a Chinese based company, from what I can gather, selling a similar product to Pandora for a fraction of the price. I’ve never been one to be loyal to “big brands”. Especially for jewellery which I don’t wear as often as I should (because I do love it and love buying them haha). If you’re like me and you don’t really want to spend the big bucks on Pandora that you may or may not love, or that you’d be super paranoid to lose, then this company could be worth checking out!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in return for this review. This review is still 100% honest and in no way did I have to agree to be positive. All the opinions written here are my own.

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Review: PARIS KID’S on Rakuten

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 1.22.25 pm

I know everyone has gone crazy shopping on Rakuten for Japanese skincare and sunscreen but, feeling the lack of adorable earrings and accessories here in Australia, I decided to have a browse for any store that could quench my thirst lol! Of course, I hit the jackpot of PARIS KID’S! If you’ve been to Takeshita Street in Harajuku, you would have seen their store and that is the exact location you are buying from on their Rakuten! I made a fairly big order since everything is so cheap there, around 360 yen per item. I’m not sure if they take Paypal or ship SAL, I just used my card and got EMS because I wanted my package, stat! The shipping wasn’t as bad as I thought for 20 items, 1,500 yen! I ordered 3rd of June, they shipped 4th of June despite saying my order was “crowded” and would take longer. I can’t remember the exact time it arrived because I wasn’t allowed to have it until I finished my essays and we had the Queen’s Birthday on the weekend. But I would say around the 9th or 10th.

Here is an ordering guide for Rakuten, though I feel it’s pretty self explanatory if you stay on the Global version.

I ordered my items and then waited for the store to reply with the shipping amount. I know this is a little daunting, not knowing the shipping amount at the start, but keeping at least $20 spare for estimated shipping should be all you need. For PARIS KID’S I had to reply to their shipping quote to agree to the amount and then I got a bazillion emails from them and Rakuten talking about the process until I got the tracking number.

Just a warning that the rest of the post is picture heavy! Let’s see what PARIS KID’S seeenntt!

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Clip-On Earrings (Japan Edition)


Here’s a random fact about me: I’ve had my ears pierced 3-4 times, in the same place on the earlobe, and yet I could never keep them going. Either I would take them out and they’d heal. Or they would never heal and be painful all the time. The latter being the most recent experience. So, I’ve given up. I’ve thrown in the towel. But that doesn’t mean I should need to live without earrings, right? That’s where my obsession with clip-ons begins. Now I don’t know about where you live but in Australia it’s almost impossible to buy clip-ons that aren’t made for little girls to play with. Surely I’m not the only woman alone in this?!

On my past trip to Tokyo I finally went through the earrings section in stores properly and I found them, the clip-on earrings! I believe they are popular in Japan because some girls can’t pierce their ears while in school? They come in young and more mature designs though so maybe it’s just not as rigid there, like here where, “every woman pierces their ears or doesn’t wear earrings, end of.” So, I went on a spending spree and thought I’d make a little post about some cool ones I got and where I got them! I’ve titled this with Japan Edition because maybe I can find others when I travel? I suppose I can do a better look around my city for Australia Edition but it will be depressing lol. Anyway, on with the earrings!

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Review: Dorothy Perkins (Online Order)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 6.45.32 pm

Dorothy Perkins is probably my favourite clothes store at the moment and yet it’s really hard for me to get. I got hooked on them when I bought some jeggings in a store in London last year. Of course, we don’t have them in Australia at all. I’ve watched their website for awhile but never really get the motivation to order anything, the $ to £ not being that excellent, nor has it ever been really. But I found a store selling their clothes in Singapore and the items I bought made me remember just how much I love this brand! They recently had a 25% off sale so I purchased a couple of things for the coming winter. Why do I like Dorothy Perkins?

1. Their clothes go all the way to a size 22 (UK and AU)! This is a must for me as I will “admit” I am plus size. My top is 18, my bottom is 20 (sometimes 22 for comfort). I’m cool with my body and size so whatever. I just want to be able to buy nice things for my size, dudes!

2. Their clothes are cute and stylish but still fit into an older look. I’m turning 27 this year and I’m still drawn to young clothes but would like to look a bit more polished so a lot of DP pieces sit in the middle for me.

3. I would say the prices are pretty fair, but especially so when something’s on sale. I didn’t end up buying it but in the sale section I’ve seen fabulous midi-skirts for £5!

Anyway, onto the order itself. This post is a bit photo heavy so if you’d like a bigger version of a photo I believe clicking on it will open it in full? Just in case you want to see more detail.

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