2015 Life Favourites


Today I’m going to share my Life Favourites of 2015 and tomorrow my Beauty ones will go up too. I was so busy working on my Honours thesis this year that I didn’t have much time for films and things but here I’ve selected the ones I went out of my way to see and loved! Keep reading to see my favourite films, television shows, anime, games, albums and highlights of my year!

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Holiday Travel Destinations


Sometimes it’s the best time of year to get away. Travelling around Christmas can be an amazing experience. To see how the Holidays are celebrated outside of your own culture can be magical! Especially if you live in a warm climate or Southern Hemisphere. I love jetting off to the cold to feel that real Holiday spirit! I’ve chosen 2 destinations I’ve made myself during the season and 2 more that are definitely on my list! If you’re looking to travel with friends, as a couple or as a family, any of these options would be a perfect way to spend the Holidays!

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Royal Adelaide Show 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.37.25 pm

This week, 4-13 September, my city has has their Royal Show. I guess it’s like a State Fair? All the state’s farming community and producers come together for awards. Then all the rest of us come in to look at the animals and buy local stuff, go on carnival rides and eat junk food! There are also the ever loved showbags that as a child you’d go mental over wanting every single one. Condolences for all the poor parents out there who are now broke and listening to tantrums over missed bags. Showbags are just cheap stuff thrown together but with themes like Hello Kitty, Adventure Time, as well as magic ones, candy ones and some adult ones with chocolate and magazines. Every city in Australia hosts a show like this annually at different times of the year and they’re just very nostalgic and fun. I thought i’d post some photos I took the morning we attended which was the cheap tickets day!

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Shinjuku, Part Two


Last week I posted Part One of my Shinjuku travel post and here I present the second part! I find you can never take or share too many photos in Japan so I thought I’d save your loading times and post my photos in halves. I hope you enjoy more Shinjuku and food photos! Above is a photo of the fairy lights along our walk back to our airbnb from the train station. This was in front of a huge office building. It certainly made for a romantic hand-holding walk in the cold, with our shopping bags and iced coffees haha.

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Shinjuku, Part One


During my last trip to Tokyo, over Christmas 2014, I stayed at an airbnb in Shinjuku. I would highly recommend staying in Shinjuku despite being amongst office buildings rather than cute house lined streets like Harajuku. The Shinjuku train station is of course the biggest in the world and a central position to get wherever you need to go. The Narita Express stops there and the airport bus goes to many hotels and the station in the area too. Our airbnb was a little distance to the station which meant a 10 minute walk there and then back every day but we were just around the corner from an airport bus hotel so getting in and out was really easy, and who doesn’t need a bit of a workout after eating all the fabulous food on offer in Tokyo? The best part of Shinjuku train station is the 3 or 4 restaurant “malls”. You can get to them from a few different lifts scattered around the station and there are at least 4 levels for each of all sorts of restaurants and dessert places. You’ll never be without a place to eat staying in this area! Include all the shops in Lumine Est, 1st and 2nd, plus underground tunnel shopping areas – you could almost do everything in the station alone, let alone the great shopping and food on the east side! Well, enough with the sale pitch and let’s get on with the photos…

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Clip-On Earrings (Japan Edition)


Here’s a random fact about me: I’ve had my ears pierced 3-4 times, in the same place on the earlobe, and yet I could never keep them going. Either I would take them out and they’d heal. Or they would never heal and be painful all the time. The latter being the most recent experience. So, I’ve given up. I’ve thrown in the towel. But that doesn’t mean I should need to live without earrings, right? That’s where my obsession with clip-ons begins. Now I don’t know about where you live but in Australia it’s almost impossible to buy clip-ons that aren’t made for little girls to play with. Surely I’m not the only woman alone in this?!

On my past trip to Tokyo I finally went through the earrings section in stores properly and I found them, the clip-on earrings! I believe they are popular in Japan because some girls can’t pierce their ears while in school? They come in young and more mature designs though so maybe it’s just not as rigid there, like here where, “every woman pierces their ears or doesn’t wear earrings, end of.” So, I went on a spending spree and thought I’d make a little post about some cool ones I got and where I got them! I’ve titled this with Japan Edition because maybe I can find others when I travel? I suppose I can do a better look around my city for Australia Edition but it will be depressing lol. Anyway, on with the earrings!

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Adelaide Hello Kitty Cafe


A couple of months ago the Hello Kitty Cafe opened in my city, Adelaide. I believe it is official and comes from Hong Kong originally. This is the first one they’ve opened in Australia! Why they chose my city instead of Sydney or Melbourne, who knows, but I’m happy they did! It’s located in Chinatown on the main stretch and is decorated inside and out in full Hello Kitty glory! It’s open 7 days, I believe, and has many drinks (coffee, tea) and desserts to choose from! As well as some sandwiches and wraps for something savoury. They also have a special cake service for birthdays, weddings, etc.

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