2015 Life Favourites


Today I’m going to share my Life Favourites of 2015 and tomorrow my Beauty ones will go up too. I was so busy working on my Honours thesis this year that I didn’t have much time for films and things but here I’ve selected the ones I went out of my way to see and loved! Keep reading to see my favourite films, television shows, anime, games, albums and highlights of my year!

Mad Max: Fury Road
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Furious 7
Jupiter Ascending

I didn’t have a lot of time to watch movies this year but Mad Max was certainly the biggest one of the year with Star Wars being a pleasant surprise.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Last Man on Earth
Mr. Robot

I watch way too much TV but the funniest shows of the year definitely had to be Brooklyn and Last Man. Every episode was a great one! In terms of drama, Mr. Robot was certainly addicting and fascinating!

Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
Your Lie in April

I also started this year off watching way too much anime. One Piece is a constant love of mine but the anime fresh for 14/15 had to be the three listed. All brilliant and distinctly different! Your Lie has stuck with me the most and I still tear up thinking about it.

Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow
Golden Bomber – No Music No Weapon

Not a lot of music this year… I’ve been a little stuck in listening to older music for awhile but both of these albums were very enjoyable!

Story of Seasons
Dragon Age: Inquisition (+ Trespasser)

I “played” more games than this this year, mostly helping from the sidelines as my partner played… but these two I played a lot myself and loved dearly! As a religion historian I had a lot of nerdy fun with Inquisition (plus all the hot characters you can romance *cough!*) I’m also still working hard at SoS to finish the main game so I can set my farmer onto other things… Played way too many hours of both!

Life Highlights

This year has been long and stressful but there were a couple of highlights! The first was getting our new kitten Heidi, a Norwegian Forest Cat. The breeder was not as good as I had hoped though and she had a case of ringworm and round worm when she arrived! Finally after 2-3 months of overnight vet visits, lots of pills and liquid medications and bleaching the floors constantly she is all healthy as she should have from the beginning! The second is completing my Honours thesis with a great mark! But those two things I have mentioned before. The third highlight of the year and something I’ve yet to mention here is that I was accepted into the PhD program at my university! So starting this year I will be working on my 3 year journey to a PhD in History! My specific topic is mysticism in seventeenth-century English nuns! I still hope to keep up with this blog, though I will be winding it down to 1 post per week. I’m also considering starting a youtube channel starting with plan with me videos, until I am more comfortable filming my face. When that gets up and running I will be sure to link those videos here too!

Tomorrow my beauty favourites go up. Here’s to a new and exciting year!
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