Holiday Travel Destinations


Sometimes it’s the best time of year to get away. Travelling around Christmas can be an amazing experience. To see how the Holidays are celebrated outside of your own culture can be magical! Especially if you live in a warm climate or Southern Hemisphere. I love jetting off to the cold to feel that real Holiday spirit! I’ve chosen 2 destinations I’ve made myself during the season and 2 more that are definitely on my list! If you’re looking to travel with friends, as a couple or as a family, any of these options would be a perfect way to spend the Holidays!

Cologne – Germany

Germany is infamous for their Christmas celebrations. I travelled to a few cities over December and I’ve decided to recommend Cologne. Munich, Nuremberg, Hamburg and Berlin all had spectacular Christmas festivities and if you can travel around by train to see a couple places you will discover all the cultural variations that makes Germany so unique – especially the different ways of doing sausages at markets haha. Cologne has a tonne of markets, all differently themed, fairly accessible to one another. You have the Brothers Grimm themed market under the medieval gate, the stars and angels one by Oldenburg’s Dropped Cone, and many more! Visit the astounding Cathedral and eat all the deliciousness available like waffles and glühwein! My favourite thing at the markets across Germany were the chocolate covered fresh fruit! Cherries and mandarins, so yummy!

Tokyo – Japan

If traditional Christmas isn’t for you, Japan just might be your place! With lights, decorations, special food and drink and festivities, Tokyo is decked out in secular Christmas fun! Pop down to Disneyland or Sea, open on Christmas Day, for a truly unforgettable experience! Everything’s open, everyone’s going to work and the next day you’ll suddenly wake up to everything Christmas being gone haha. If you’re the type who’s sick of it by Boxing Day, well, you’ll fit right in! Don’t forget to pick up some fried chicken and light fluffy christmas cake to have that perfect Christmas Day feast!

New York City – The United States


Now for the places I would love the visit during the Holidays. If you’ve watched and loved any Christmas movies you’d agree with me that NYC has to be one hell of a festive place to be! I definitely want to live Elf and Home Alone 2 moments – well except for being hunted by horrible burglars! The lights, the traditions, the shopping and the food! Definitely a buzzing Christmas to be had here.

Lapland – Finland

Finally let’s go all the way to the top! To Santa’s Workshop in Finnish Lapland! Nothing could be more Christmas than this experience! I mean, you’re meeting the real Santa! :P Experience Sami culture while taking in the Finnish tundra and, hopefully, aurora borealis. Sled-rides, reindeer, Christmas crafts, ice hotels, glass igloos all create a unique Holiday experience for the whole family! If you love the snow and nature this would be a wonderful trip!

What about you? Any other destinations you’d recommend for Holiday travel?

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Travel Destinations

  1. kandctraveltheworld says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Pretty much every city and town in Europe have beautiful Christmas markets, which we would totally recommend! We’ve been to Lisbon, Prague, Vienna and Budapest over Christmas time and it definitely made those cities even more beautiful and magic : )


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